About the UKDBA

About the UKDBA

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Our industry is a story of great British innovation. As our sector continues to evolve, the online retail sector continues to go from strength to strength.

Since 2009, UK online retail has grown by 285.3%, allowing UK brands to serve to customers across the globe, and revolutionising the retail experience.

Our members are at the heart of significant economic contributions, providing employment and enriching local and national economies.

The UKDBA was set up to provide collective insight from our members, as well as to promote and champion the interests of British specialist retailers and their 3 million UK employees.

We are not just a nation of shopkeepers, British online retail is harnessing our great entrepreneurial spirit and leading the world of ecommerce.”

Our Mission

  • Remain at the forefront of the creation of high-paying and highly skilled jobs in all regions of the United Kingdom.
  • Fully support the current Government’s efforts to create a technology-driven global-facing economy.
  • Continue to invest in growth, enabling them to make a significant contribution to the recovery of the nation’s finances in the form of sales (VAT), employment and corporation tax.
  • Commitment to support the efforts of historically store-based retailers of all sizes to transition their business models to trade online.